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Meet the Passat: Introducing a car that does it all

Turn heads with the cutting-edge, technologically driven Passat: an ever-innovative, luxury sedan in a league of its own. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe its 40-year legacy does the trick. Technology, performance and beauty merge to create something exceptional. 

Explore new paths, built on new ideas. 

The Tiguan: Made for every journey

The Tiguan is more than meets the eye. Its perfect blend of technology, functionality and immaculate design make it fully equipped for any journey, wherever life takes you. From the exceptional versatility to eye-catching details, the Tiguan is made to take on everything that your lifestyle demands.

Discover the possibilities.

The Amarok: Tough. Smart. And easy on the eyes. 

A pick-up is pretty much just a pick-up right? Well, not this time. The daring, muscular Amarok takes all the expectations of what a pick-up should be and amplifies it ten-fold, bringing you the strength to endure, the power to rule and all the technology to back it up. Here’s to getting the job done – and then some. 

It’s time to “Rok” your world. 

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